New Mexico

New Mexico has been very friendly to immigrants in the recent years. New Mexico is home to the largest Hispanic population in the United States with about 48% of the New Mexican population. Most New Mexico immigrants have migrated due to either the Spanish colonization period or from Europe to help with the Manhattan Project. The Manhattan project effect on New Mexico today has made New Mexico have more Ph. D.s per capita than any other states.

New Mexico has been made famous due to the Manhattan Project during the peak of WWII. The United States were warned  by Anti-Nazi Germans of Germany inventing nuclear fission in 1938. The United States soon drafted Europeans physicians to work on the Manhattan Project. The location to test the atomic bomb was in  Los Alamos, New Mexico and from this facility, physicians have invented:

Solar Wind Sensors, Counter Chronograph (1st digital timing system), Scientific Clean rooms, hyperion’s small-scale nuclear reactors, and the Monte Carlo Method.

All of these inventions could not have been possible without the help of scientific immigrants from central Europe helping with the Manhattan Project in New Mexico and still living in New Mexico after the war.

Things that were created in New Mexico by immigrants include:

Monte Carlo Method by Stainislaw Ulam
Image retrieved from:

Hilton Hotels by Conrad Hilton (parents from Norway)
Image retrieved from:

The Burrito– Tia Sophia, resturant in Santa Fe, New Mexico, claims to have invented this delicious creation first
nm burrito
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The Sopapillas
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The Doppler Radar System by Christian Doppler
Photo retrieved from Lindsey Lawson

The Gold Rush– Discovered by Jose Francisco Ortiz and Ignacio Cano (both from Spain) in Dolores, NM 22 years before the California Gold Rush. Dolores, NM became the first gold rush in the United States (current map).
dolores, nm
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Santa Fe Governor’s Palace– Oldest government building in the United States which was created by the Spanish in 1610.
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Native American
Wine– Modern day New Mexican wine can be traced back to the 1600s which make it the oldest know wine production in North America.
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Home to the world’s most famous UFO resides in Roswell, NM. On July 7, 1947, a mysterious flying object crashed just on the outskirts of Rowell, NM.
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